Customer Reviews

What my patients say is extremely important to my business. Without patient satisfaction, I would not have a business. That’s why BODY ENERGY BALANCING & SOUL HEALING is so invested in making sure that patients are happy with all of the health treatments and services I offer. Take a look at what my past clients have said about their experiences working with me and schedule your appointment today.

A few days ago I received a distance Reiki session and my experience has been very beautiful, I feel emotionally relieved, as if I had freed myself of guilt and forgiven ... also the description of the visualization described fits perfectly with trauma of my past that I feel like they have saturday.
I feel infinite gratitude to Francisco José de Torres for his help and I absolutely recommend him. Thank you, thank you, thank you 🙏💖☺️

The Reiki sessions with Francisco Has helped me a lot. I feel more relaxed and my self-steem has increased. My ailments are improving little by little. I highly recommend it

I received Reiki seeking relief from severe pain in my shoulder as a result of a broken tendon due to a fall, and I began to feel great relief since I was treated by Francisco J. de Torres with this technique.


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