How to treat Covid-19 patients with Reiki

Updated: Apr 18

Channeling by Francisco J. De Torres. Reiki Master in Karuna Ki, Usui (Grand Master level 20) and Kundalini/Gold + Ethereal Crystals. EFT Practitioner. Ho'oponopono Prayer.


This article is not intended at any time to be a substitute for any medical treatment or to conflict with or replace in any way the opinion of a physician or other health specialist competent to treat this health problem. This treatment should be considered only as an EXTRA which, when applied as such, will never be harmful to the patient since in no case is it intended to replace or modify any medical treatment. The above must be understood as belonging or relating to the world of metaphysics (spirituality) and does not present the least scientific rigor. We understand that metaphysics moves on this non-experimental and, therefore, non-scientific plane. Manifestations such as "channeling", "intuition", and other theoretical concepts that are exposed here, must be understood, only, as subjective perceptions of the author of this text. At the end of this text, I expose how in my opinion, we should treat a covid-19 patient from Reiki for a healing as effective as possible. The background that has led me to this conclusion, are the following: 1. A justification for the pandemic: From all the theories that try to explain why this is happening, the reason why we are suffering from a pandemic that is killing so many people, is that it has to do exclusively with the healing of Planet Earth. I am one of those who believe that the Earth, Mother Earth, is a more conscious living being than human beings. It can be very difficult for us to assimilate the Earth as a living organism that also has a higher level of consciousness than we do. But scientists often use expressions such as "Mother Nature" and often say "how wise nature is"... which is an expression referring to Earth nature only, since we do not know any other expression outside our planet. If we accept as a consequence of the Law of Attraction that the life we live is a faithful reflection of the set of beliefs we have and, therefore, that the external world is a reflection (consequence) of our inner world... And if we observe what is happening in nature and we look at it from that same perspective; that what is happening in it is a reflection of what the Earth, the only protagonist in this case, is creating? And if we understand that the dramatic decrease in pollution, the return of many wild animals to places occupied for hundreds of years by human beings, the decrease in seismic activity that is a product of the hustle and bustle, also human, is a consequence of a conscious creation of Mother Earth, as we do? What if the decrease in production worldwide is a cut-off to the over-exploitation of the natural resources of the human being that cannot be sustained? What if the Earth is defending itself from us? What if it is simply demanding that we evolve internally in order to continue living in symbiosis on it as the only alternative? There are theories that try to explain what is happening as a natural process for the spiritual evolution of the human being. Yes, well. But for what purpose? Who or what has a special interest in putting us in a borderline situation so that we finally wake up? God? Right now? If we understand that everything arises from a manifestation of Mother Nature/Mother Earth's intention that we correct our attitude to live in coexistence with her, all the pieces fit together for me. Learning altruism as is happening in this period of quarantine; compassion, love of neighbor? It is not the goal in itself. It is a consequence of reaching a higher spiritual state. The goal is to be in tune with Gaia. Mother Earth. In the development of these values we will know how to live in harmony with each other and therefore with the environment around us. We cannot continue to be what we have been until now. We have become too harmful to the planet that hosts us. And we will continue to have calamities tailored to the problems we create, if we do not accept that.

2. My experience in the worldwide meditation activity: On April 4th, for certain reasons related to astrology (as to the date chosen), the whole of humanity was called to a joint meditation with the aim of "healing the Earth". From the above, I was sure that it was the human beings who inhabit the Earth that needed to be healed. Our planet, I think, is rather relieved as it has been for perhaps a thousand years. I decided to do a Reiki exercise instead of following the proposed guidelines, as I thought it would be more appropriate since there was a healing intention there. As it was going to be transmitting healing energy to Mother Earth, I saw appropriate to do a meditation of rooting to Earth. Whenever I do this meditation, the visualization is to "see" as from the entire surface of the sole of my feet, roots arise that are going through the soil to reach the center of the Earth. But this time, what I saw is like a solid extension of the sole of my feet, it was the one that advanced. Straight ahead, like beams sinking into the ground. Not twisting like the roots I always "see". I felt that I was being helped by Mother Earth to become well rooted. I decided to use the Dai Ko Myo symbol for the healing process of the planet. The first thing I could see was a big hole of energy; a dark blue hole, which looked just as dark as the rest of the Atlantic Ocean in the middle of the darkness of the night, from space. That hole basically occupied the eastern half of Canada and almost the entire eastern half of the United States. The Dai Ko Myo symbol began to throw energy over the northern hemisphere of the planet. Where the "smartest" humans on Earth are. I mean, the most advanced civilizations. The great powers: The U.S., Russia, China, Europe, Japan... are in the Northern Hemisphere. The most technologically developed ones, were the ones that were doing the most damage therefore to the planet, and was therefore the part that needed to be healed the most. There is no need here to heal people for people. Here there is a need to make people live in harmony with the planet if they are to remain a part of it.

3. Visualizing patients from covid-19: Watching the news a few days ago, at a time when they were focusing covid-19 patients together in one room, I made a mental connection to the situation; I imagined myself there doing Reiki with them, and I came up with applying Reiki further down the soles of the patients' feet, about 20 centimeters away from their feet. If we take into account that in human beings, there are not 7 but 12 main chakras and that I, by the way, treat all of them to treat any ailment, not considering any of those other five as "extras", but as important as the rest, where I intuited the best point with which to initiate the treatment of a patient of covid-19, is, precisely, the 10th chakra. That is under the human body and it is the one that allows us to take root to Earth. It's like a grounding in power electricity. This connection is carried by appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, ovens... so that, in case of discharge, there is an earth connection. That chakra keeps us rooted to our Mother Earth. I can assure you, from my own experience, that when I have worked on that chakra, my visualization of grounding has been much easier. It began by being very difficult to root with one of the two feet in my early practice.

The treatment from Reiki:

With all of the above, to treat a covid-19 patient, you have to unblock the 10th chakra, the one underneath your body, to provide a connection to Gaia. Gaia will accept him as a being that has to be saved, a being that is in union with her. Why will Gaia take him as an exception that has to remain saved? Because of what is stated in point 1 and 2. Why the 10th chakra? For what I detail in point 3.

  • If you have been attuned in Karuna Reiki (or Karuna Ki), use the symbol Rama, which is the specific one to treat Earth grounding, with that, also specific, 10th chakra. Use also the Dai Ko Myo, symbol of the Master.

  • If you have not been attuned in Karuna, but you have at least the 3rd level in Usui, and therefore, initially Karuna will not work for you, use directly Dai Ko Myo. If your intuition tells you so, in that patient, specifically, the problem they are dealing with comes from a past life, use Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, in combination, in your opinion, with the other two symbols of the second level: Cho Ku Rei, and Sei He Ki.

  • If you have only been instructed up to the second level in Usui, use that symbol combination in the way you have learned in the 2nd level.

  • If you have only been trained to the first level in Usui, simply do Reiki as you have learned it. For greater effectiveness in applying Reiki by having only the first level, learn to manifest an intention without expectation. Let the Creator decide if and how much healing is needed. To learn about this attitude in Reiki healing in a practical way, I refer you to the book Quantum Entraintment by Dr. Frank Kinslow.

  • If you are trained in Kundalini Reiki, root yourself first, and then apply Reiki directly to the 10th chakra the way you have learned in Kundalini. Then apply a normal treatment, each at your own discretion. In this part I strongly advise to do a mental scan of all the chakras, including the higher ones (8th, 9th, 11th and 12th located at different levels above the head), and heal whatever is to be healed in each of them. Follow your intuition to give each chakra exactly the amount of energy it needs for its unblocking, taking into account that, the soul of the patient knows what amount of Reiki energy it needs to accept in each of the points where you apply Reiki. This is basically the way we proceed in Kundalini Reiki, but it can be applied in the Usui style and the rest of the disciplines derived from it.

Stay Golden. Namasté.

Francisco José de Torres.


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