About Me

My name is Francisco José de Torres, a Spaniard currently established in Dublin!

In 2011, and after almost 10 years dealing with a depression that started at the age of 18, I discovered an ‘alternative’ therapy based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine called EFT, which meant to be the beginning of a life change. EFT stands for ‘Emotional Freedom Techniques’ and it was created by an electronic engineer called Gary Craig as an enhancement of its predecessor TFT (Thought Field Therapy), created by Dr. Roger Callahan (please, have a look at the links provided because is worth it!).

In those days of struggling with my depression, I met who I will always consider my spiritual master, Pepe Gallardo, whose knowledge was not only limited to EFT. I also was lucky to receive from him training in Ho’oponopono and the understanding of the origin of diseases from the German New Medicine point of view. I cannot consider myself an expert in GNM but that knowledge has given me a new hope to face health problems. I am not a doctor nor make miracles with people, but I think I can contribute with more than ‘just a little’ to any medical treatment you are currently receiving.


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