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A Natural Approach to Healing throught Ho'oponopono, Reiki and EFT


My Treatments

A Unique Approach

Each body holds the key to its own healing. As a Reiki Therapist, I provide the treatments, resources, and tools necessary to unlock the innate potential each of us holds inside. I work to create a safe and compassionate environment for you to discover what will help you lead a healthier and more relaxed life. You can live the life you want, and as your Reiki Therapist, I’m here to support you along the way.


About Me

I am a Reiki Master/Teacher attuned to these Reiki styles:

- Usui with the Grand Master Level (5 - 20).

- Karuna Ki.

- Kundalini Gold Level and Ethereal Crystals.

I am also a certified Master/Teacher in EFT/TFT therapy and experienced holistic healer through the gentle loving energy infused with the powerful prayer of ho'oponopono.

I have recently created 'The Gold Pegasus Holistic Therapies Centre' as a brand for my therapies and I hope to join more healers in the future to my project.



Dublin 13

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